Super User Programs

Regardless of how successful your SAP go-live is, the real challenge is how to support your end users after the initial training. Super User programs utilize key “power users” within your organization who not only understand how SAP works—but more important, they understand the new business processes that SAP supports. They are your Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in specific business processes and the related SAP functionality that supports those business processes—they are the “go to” people for your SAP end users.

Whether you are trying to revitalize a super user program that has faded or you are just beginning your SAP implementation, Whittle Consulting Group focuses on six critical areas: organizational factors, models and options, roles & amp; responsibilities, building the business case, implementation factors, and maintenance strategies.

“Our existing super user program was falling apart. Within months, Whittle Consulting Group was able to breathe new life and vitality into our program. We couldn’t be happier!”

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