Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence (COEs) create opportunities that enable individuals to interact & communicate with others with whom they share a common interest. These are also called Communities of Practice, Shared Resource Centers, or Shared Services.


When implemented correctly, a COE provides a social network for employees with a similar interest or need. It enables organizations to focus the knowledge and energy of employees in building a culture of continuous improvement, where they openly share with one another their knowledge, talents, ideas, and concerns. As a result, organizations can capitalize on a significant pool of internal knowledge and experience that already exists.


Whittle Consulting Group will guide you through the process of identifying how Centers of Excellence might benefit your organization and how to successful implement, expand, and maintain these communities of practice.


“Today’s employees are not just there for the money. They want meaningful work, they want to make a difference, and they want to feel like they belong.”


                                                                                                                          – Roger Herman

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