Too many meetings are remembered for wasted time, purposeless conversations, power plays, and negative group dynamics. The key to successful meetings and corporate events is having a facilitator who builds and maintains positive energy among the participants.


Doug works with organizations throughout the meeting life cycle—from planning to facilitation to follow up. You will be amazed at how different your meetings will be when you use a professional facilitator—someone who quickly gains the trust of the group, who facilitates a dialogue that ensures all opinions and perspectives are discussed, who manages the diverse group dynamics, and best of all, who guides the group in reaching consensus on measurable plans of action.


Whether you are planning a one-time special event, you need assistance in managing an ongoing committee, or you need to jumpstart and reenergize a current team, Doug will provide the leadership and expertise that ensures success.


“Great dialogue! Doug is excellent when interacting with our group. He is not only knowledgeable, but is an energizing, inspiring and caring facilitator. I learned a lot, I enjoyed the meeting, and I plan to go back to my team and influence others.”

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