Governance Strategies

Governance is the way an organization is run or controlled. It’s the combination of processes & structures designed to inform, direct, manage & monitor the activities of an organization toward the achievement of its objectives.


Organizations that implement large-scale systems that result in changed processes and procedures often struggle when it comes to leading the ongoing use of these new systems and processes after go-live.


Who’s in charge? Who makes critical decisions? How do you ensure that you have an integrated leadership team that supports the newly integrated business processes? How can you avoid the typical politics and bureaucracy  that can interfere with your new business strategies?


Whittle Consulting Group has successful guided senior executive teams through the process of rethinking how it will lead in the new organization. We will facilitate your key leaders through a creative process of building a new leadership charter, operating principles, and fundamental governance procedures that are both meaningful and refreshing. We will help you rethink and reinvent how your senior leaders work together, resulting in a high-performance team that will amaze you!

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