Insights Discovery ®

Insights Discovery ® is a personal and team development tool that focuses on the concept of “working styles”—those patterns of behavior that characterize the way individuals communicate, interact, participate, lead, and influence—which in turn impacts the way these individuals work as a team.

Many different types of working styles tools are available in the marketplace today, all of which are based on the work of Carl Jung and Myers-Briggs. Insights Discovery provides one of the most detailed working styles tools available today. Depending upon the modules you include in your profile, the 20 to 45-page personalized report provides you with two different perspectives of your working style—the conscious and less-conscious personnas. It provides detailed content related to your gifts and your potential challenges, your skills in communication, how you work as a member of a team, and how you manage others as well as how you want to be managed.

Whittle Consulting Group has presented this tool to thousands of individuals and teams as part of executive coaching, team building, individual performance development, and as a base for extended training in communication, leadership, conflict management, change leadership, and sales training.

Basic Insights training is either a half- or full-day session which includes detailed walkthrough of the report with customized exercises and case studies for practical application of working styles concepts.

“Every week, I see someone in our organization using what we’ve learned from the Insights training—whether it is part of a hiring decision, team projects, or individual development. It’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made in employee development.”

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