Leadership Blog: Building and Sustaining a High Performance Organization

This group will exchange best practices, tips, hints, and strategies for building and sustaining an organization that is truly “high performing.” To achieve this type of organization, I believe in individual accountability at all levels—from the CEO to the individual employee—regardless of rank, title, position, years of service, or role. Every employee in an organization has the potential—as well as the responsibility—to discover and become a leader.


Your leadership legacy: Will it be by design or by accident? Becoming a leader is a choice. All too often, our formal leaders have obtained their official roles “by accident”—they simply lived longer than anyone else and “earned” the role through seniority—or they were at the right place at the right time when a formal leadership role—complete with title—became available.


My soapbox: What if everyone in our organization explored their leadership potential and vision—and became leaders BY DESIGN—where you pursue your leadership goals through visioning, planning, and conscious actions.


This group is intended as a “Community of Practice” (Center of Excellence) for anyone who wishes to further explore the concepts of leadership within yourself (after all…it all starts with YOU!), your colleagues, and your team members. This conversation should not be restricted to those who are formally charged with “leading” others (e.g. manager, supervisor)…but rather everyone who believes that the individualized leadership is a dream worth pursuing—both on a personal as well as a professional level.


Dialogues can include (but will certainly not be restricted to) subjects like leadership, organizational change, communication, teamwork, workplace relationships, personal working styles, etc.

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