Organizational Change Strategies

According to research conducted by leading consulting organizations like Gartner and KPMG, 61-70% of all ERP projects fail.


Every organization that conducts a post-implementation review of a large-scale ERP implementation agrees that a key factor in the success or failure of the overall initiative was directly related to how well they did (or didn’t) focus on the organizational change factors associated with the project.


ERP systems, by their very nature, require organizational change at the largest levels. You are literally changing the culture of your organization when you change business processes, rules, systems, and technologies.


Doug Whittle is considered one of today’s key organizational change leaders. His career, both as a practitioner as well as a consultant, has focused on how to successfully lead employees through periods of significant change. His doctoral dissertation addressed the impact of change on merger and acquisition success.


Whether you are just beginning your ERP implementation or you are facing a major upgrade, Whittle Consulting Group will guide you through the critical steps of how to identify and address the organizational change factors that directly impact your initiative’s success. This ranges from detailed change strategies to change leadership courses and workshops offered to employees at all levels within an organization.

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