Organizational Strategies

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

                                                            – Alan Kay


The typical strategic planning session is marked by outdated, routine, boring exercises and discussions that result in a 2-inch bound document that ends up collecting dust on your bookshelf. Organizations are starting to realize that they must rethink how they go about the planning process.


Whittle Consulting Group has created a planning process that includes creative exercises to “push the envelope” in terms of how participants build vision, strategies and plans. The key to success is a combination of structure, discipline, and easy-to-use templates with creative approaches, lively dialogue, and practical outcomes. Members find themselves quickly engaged in highly interactive dialogues with their colleagues that result in new goals, objectives, and action plans that are fresh yet practical, challenging yet achievable.


“Good information that can be used on all levels. Great practical discussions from very creative approaches. We couldn’t have completed our strategic planning process without your guidelines, models and assistance.”

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