Post Implementation Support Strategies

Going live with an ERP system is only the beginning! The next tough challenge you face is how to support your end users on a daily basis.


How will you maintain the knowledge and skills of those you’re already trained? How will you handle the onboarding and orientation for employees who are either new to your organization or who have taken on new roles which require new or different skills and knowledge? What will you need to ensure that every end user is capable of doing his or her job using the new systems and processes, including staffing, technologies, support procedures, issue resolution and escalation?


The best time to begin planning your post-implementation support strategy is long before you actually go live with the system to ensure that support is ready and available on Day 1.


Whittle Consulting Group will work with you throughout the process of assessing your current support infrastructure, identifying what your new support will needs to be, assessing the options, and building and implementing the new support organization.

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