Project Kickoff and Team Building Retreats

Large scale projects such as SAP implementations consume large numbers of resources for long periods of time. They bring together individuals—both internal and external–who may have never worked together before as a team, and place them in high-stress situations including new roles, tight timelines, and high-pressure expectations.


Whittle Consulting Group can build and facilitate kick-off events that are high energy, meaningful, motivating, and fun! Whether your kick-off is one day or one week, we will work with you in developing an action-packed agenda that will have your team members walking away with a “can-do” energy that carries throughout your project.


Once you are on the road to meeting your project goals, we can design and facilitate follow-up retreats that will reenergize your team, refocus efforts, and help team members celebrate your successes to date.


“Your sessions have a momentum that builds over the course of the three days. It’s a classic case of word-of-mouth. By Day 3, people are asking for your sessions and lamenting the fact that they missed them. I can’t think of another speaker who builds that level of interest over an event.”

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