SAP/ERP Implementations: Organizational Factors That Impact Success



  • This category is intended for the exchange of best practices, tip, hints, and real-life strategies for increasing the potential for success in your SAP/ERP implementation: Organizational change, communication, training, support, documentation, Super Users, Centers of Excellence, teamwork, governance, and leadership.


Regardless of the system you’re implementing, all the research and lessons learned from those who have been there before you indicate that to maximize your opportunities for success you must pay attention to the “softer side” of systems implementations. That’s everything from how you manage your project team to maintaining a strong, engaged, and informed governance group; from the ongoing communication strategies you employ to inform and engage your stakeholders to integrated end user support and training programs.


This group is intended as a “Community of Practice” (or Center of Excellence) for anyone who has responsibility in SAP/ERP implementations—a place where professionals can network, exchange ideas, and seek answers to the project questions that all of us face at one time or another which focus on end user acceptance and adoption of new systems and processes.


Join your colleagues—both practitioners and consultants—as we explore these key areas for SAP/ERP success!


SAP End Users: Getting this discussion started!


Having presented several programs at SAP Insider conferences in the past 3 months around the subject of end user support, I continue to discover that one of the biggest challenges facing organizations in their SAP implementation is how to build support programs for ends users that are effective and efficient.


Therefore, I’m going to start this blog out with a focus on SUPPORT–which ultimately will expand into an ongoing discussion of Super User programs. I invite you to join in with your ideas, observations, war stories and success stories, questions, and arguments on this subject.


As well, feel free to add any other areas around end users and SAP to this discussion thread for which you want to have a dialogue with professionals and colleagues!



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