Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Strategies

Whether your ERP implementation succeeds or fails ultimately depends upon the level of support and active participation of your key stakeholders. From senior executives all the way to the production line employee who must enter data into SAP—you need to understand upfront what they need and expect from this implementation—and you want them to understand the organizational needs and perspectives.


Whittle Consulting Group has developed a practical method for the identification, assessment, and mapping of your key stakeholders, from which we build specific action plans on how to engage those individuals and groups. These stakeholder maps are then used to develop your organizational change and communication strategies.


We will guide you in identifying all of your key stakeholder groups (and key individuals within each group), after which we will conduct an appropriate level of assessment and analysis to determine who’s on board, who’s not, and who’s still riding the fence. We will build a stakeholder map that  shows the critical relationships that exist among these stakeholders and where the key circles of influence exist today—as well as those areas where you may need to foster new relationships.


All of this information becomes part of your overall organizational change and communication strategy plan that will ensure a maximum level of awareness, support, and engagement among your stakeholders.


“People don’t resist change…they resist being changed.”


                                                                   – Peter Senge

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