The “conscious” leader vs. the “accidental” leader: What’s the difference?

Have you experienced working with a leader who impresses you as someone who has achieved his/her leadership reputation through conscious actions, initiative, and personal strategy? What do you notice about this type of leader that is different from the leader who simply “fell into” the formal leadership role due to seniority or organizational politics? What is it like to work for (or with) a “conscious” leader?

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One Response to “The “conscious” leader vs. the “accidental” leader: What’s the difference?”

  1. JS Says:

    From my experience, the conscious leader has actually taken time to think about his/her role as a leader–and as a result, projects a self-confidence that, in turn, inspires the rest of the team. The team doesn’t feel like they’re on a path to nowhere–but rather, they have a leader who has thought through the path they’re taking us. This type of leader is also one of the best mentors, as an employee, could ask for–since they are willing to talk about their personal leadership journey, their lessons learned, etc. Give me a “conscious” leader ANY day!

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